Journal 6

I Remember 

I remember it all.
I remember the good times.
I remember the twinkle in your eyes.
I remember the echo of your laugh,
I used to laugh along.
I used to come alive when I saw your face.
I used to smile at just your name,
I used to feel the same way too.
I want to hold on.
I want to keep trying.
I want to change this.
I want what’s best for both of us too.

Journal 5

This is a woman’s confession:
Life, friends, is boring. We must not say so.
This is the world we wanted
Happening in a time no older than your last
Seven years, if you want to know
The pages turn, Words often fall between
and cut off her feet.
But then I was young – and it took ten years
You died before I had time –
Why do I not forget?

[Simone Munch, John Berryman, Louise Gluck, Marcus Wicker, Sylvia Plath, Simone Munch, Ai, Carol Ann Duffy, Sylvia Plath, Louise Gluck]

Journal 4

The cows stand under the trees in the wet grass,
lifting their necks to pull leaves down.
We slow the truck,
pull over to the side of the road to watch them.
How graceful they look,
how unlike themselves.
We get out and lean on the fence.
The cows don’t seem to notice we are there.

This version of the poem uses a lot of end-stopped lines. This doesn’t place any particular emphasis on any part of the poem, however it does give off a feeling of ease. It does this through a simple flow of the lines as none of them are clawing for attention or looking to be focused on.

Journal 3

Her eyelids feel heavy,
like someone’s holding them shut.
Her body won’t move,
as though someone were pinning her down.

She opens her eyes,
bruises encircle her wrist like hands on a neck.
She looks down at herself, detached,
her body laid out like in a morgue.

Bruises and scratches
speckle her skin like moles.
She sits up and looks in the mirror,
her face like a strangers.

She knows.


Her eyelids feel heavy,
like they’re swollen shut.
Her body won’t move,
as though it were made of lead.

She opens her eyes,
bruises encircle her wrist like irremovable cuffs.
She looks down at herself, detached,
her body laid out like a macabre painting.

Bruises and scratches
speckle her skin like spots on a dalmatian.
She sits up and looks in the mirror,
her face like a shattered mask.

She knows.

Journal 2

The Next Thing Always Belongs

Helen tells us to focus on our breath
All I can hear is a soft, steady thump
Oops, I’ve farted
Breathing helps to loosen the muscles
I’m swaying back and forth like a ship in the sea
My bones are screaming for movement
Who knew how tight the muscles were
Let the breath flow through you
I want relief from this pain
I wish I didn’t have bones then I could bend like a pretzel
Or maybe I could just be fluid like a cat
I feel like the plaque in the grocery floor
Maybe it’s time to get turnt up
Nothing doesn’t belong
Looks like I sway in circles
Why wasn’t Shiro in the Black Lion?
My mind is spinning like a bicycle wheel
This is probably how my sisters physical therapy went
She is a volleyball
I can’t stop breathing
I’m a leg
The mat, the body, the breath
Just bend like Colin Morgan
My abdomen has stopped rising

Journal 1

Taste: Stale, Creamy, Watery, Dry, Spearmint, Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate, Lime, Powdery, Strawberry, Chalky, Earthy, Bitter, Savory, Eggy

Touch: Gooey, Abrasive, Humidity, Cold, Squishy, Spongy, Raw, Ridged, Bumpy, Crumbly, Woven, Crunchy, Greasy, Slick, Vibrations

Smell: Sawdust, Burning, Rain, Sea Air, Pollen, Fish, Apple Vinegar, Rotting Meat, Fire, Gas, Old Books, Sweat, Irish Spring Soap, Shaving Cream, Urine

Hearing: Tea Kettle Shriek, Woodpecker, Pitter-patter, Full Body Laughter, Sneaker Squeaking, Panting, Ball Bouncing, Teeth Clacking, Children Squealing, Thunder Rolling, Machines Whirring, Wind, Horn Honking, Cars Screeching, Dog’s Bark

Sight: Oak Tree, Dust, Sunset, Puddle, Boiling Water, Movie, Rainwbow, Glitter, Starlight, Moon, Stuffed dog, Papsan Chair, Unfinished Cape, Computer Screen, Patio Door

Action/Motion: Twist, Stretch, Sprint, Hike, Split, Create, Block, Jump, Hit, Fly

Abstractions: Faith, Dream, Joy

Extra: Cape Cod, Charmed, Les Miserables, Alanna the Lioness, Manhattan, The Academy Playhouse, Anime

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